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    After the emergence of the Companies Act 2013, it is now very much possible for a single person to start a venture in India. If you are an entrepreneur and want to own your own venture then through One Person Company or OPC Registration, you can go ahead and do that. OPC provides entrepreneurs with limited liability protection. However, one limitation of the OPC is that the director has to nominate someone as his or her nominee who will own the company in case the director becomes disabled to perform his or her duties. Through the OPC business model, an entrepreneur can test his or her business model before going to the investors to scale the business.
    If you are looking to start your One Person Company and looking to get it registered then TaxOnTrack can help you to do that with ease. We are helping entrepreneurs registering their business for a number of years. We have efficient professionals who have a wide knowledge of helping our clients thoroughly with the registration process. So, you can come to us to get your OPC Registration at a very brisk pace.

    Advantages of Registering

    Your Company as One Person Company

    The Process of OPC Registration in Delhi, India

    • Gathering all the essential documents of the Promoter.
    • Attaining DIN and DSC for the Promoter of the One Person Company.
    • Filling and submission of all the forms after the approval of the company name.
    • Incorporation of Docs along with ROC or Filing of SPICe (INC-32) will be done by the experts of TaxOnTrack.
    • The OPC will get the PAN and TAN number allotted by the income tax department.
    • Obtain the Incorporation Certificate of your company.

    Mandatory Documents

    Required for OPC Registration

    A copy of the PAN of the Promoters with self-certification.

    2 copies of the passport size colour photo of each Promoter.

    A copy of the bank statement or any utility bill of each Promoter’s name.

    Mobile number or Email ID of each director with 2 to 3 proposed company names.

    A copy of the business address proof for the registration of the business.

    2 copies of the address proof with self-certification of all the directors.

    For rented space, rent agreement, electricity bill, NOC from the landlord are needed.

    For owned premise, sales deed, electricity bill with the owner’s name is needed.


    Frequently Ask Questions

    What are the Identification Proofs Required for the Directors and Shareholders of a One Person Company?

    Under the Companies Act, 2013, a director or a shareholder of the One Person Company has to provide a Passport or Driving License, or Voter ID Card as identity proof. These are the acceptable documents for this purpose.

    What are the Address Proofs required for the Directors and Shareholders of a One Person Company?

    As the address proof of the director or the shareholder of the One Person Company, Bank Statement or Passbook or Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill or Utility Bill will be accepted. The document must not be more than 2 months old.

    Can there be a Nominee for One Person Company?

    Yes, as the One Person Company is the entity of one shareholder, during the registration of the company, a person will get nominated as the person to take the reins of the company with the consent of the person getting nominated.

    Which Forms the Directors and Shareholders need to Sign to Register the One Person Company?

    There are many forms that a Director or Shareholder needs to sign to register as the One Person Company. When you take the help of TaxOnTrack, our efficient professionals will guide you thoroughly through every step including the filling up of the forms.

    What Documents required as the Registered Address Proof of the Physical Office of the One Person Company?

    Like the physical address proof of the One Person Company’s office, the acceptable documents are Gas Bill or Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill and the NOC from the owner of the property where the office will be located. The documents should be older than 2 months.

    How much is the Turnover Limit for the One Person Company?

    The turnover limit of the One Person Company is around 2 crore rupees for 3 years. However, in case the turnover of the One Person Company exceeds that limit, the One Person Company has to get registered as a normal company.

    How will TaxOnTrack help me to Get Registered as the One Person Company?

    At TaxOnTrack, we have some of the most experienced professionals who are capable of handling all the legalities and procedures while registering your company as the One Person Company. We will help you in a comprehensive way to make the journey of OPC registration simple.

    Why is TaxOnTrack the Best Choice for Registering a One Person Company?

    TaxOnTrack has been helping clients to register their business as the One Person Company for many years. We have many satisfied clients as we helped them holistically. That is why we are the best choice for registering your company as the One Person Company.

    Do I have to take NOC from the Owner of the Premises where the One Person Company will be Registered?

    Yes, when you are registering your company as the One Person Company, you need to show a premise where the company will work. So, while submitting address proof, you have to submit the NOC from the premise owner of the same address.

    Can Co-working Space or Virtual Office Space be Registered as Office Address for the One Person Company?

    As the co-working space or the virtual address is not a lockable area or the statutory record cannot be maintained at such a space that is why according to the Companies Act, 2013, you cannot register a co-working space as a registered office address unless the area is locked.


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