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    Goods and Services Tax or GST came into operation in July 2017. Since its application, GST has changed the entire tax system of India making it more unified and comprehensible for common people. So, if you are running a business and want new GST registration, you will have to perform certain steps. Otherwise, the non-registration of the business will lead to several legal consequences and fines.

    It is something that you should look to avoid from the very beginning.
    GST might be a simple tax system, but registering in it can be complex. There are so many steps and legalities involved in the registration process of GST. However, if you want to make sure that your company gets registered for GST without any problem then you need to come to us at TaxOnTrack. We have a team of experts who can help you with GST registration in a flawless way. Your GST registration will just be a matter of time when you take our help. Moreover, you will have to pay quite affordable charges for that. Therefore, come to TaxOnTrack, your one-stop destination for all your taxation issues!


    of GST Registration in India

    The Process of New GST Registration in Delhi, India

      • There are many documents required for the registration of GST in India. The first step is to arrange all those mandatory documents for registration.
      • Visit the official portal of GST where you will have to fill a form and submit your phone number and email ID in which OTP will be provided from the portal.
      • Once you obtained the OTP from your phone number or email ID, it is now time to proceed to the next step where ARN will be obtained for the registration.
      • To obtain ARN, you have to submit all your important information and documents online in the GST portal which will be a very easy thing and TaxOnTrack will help you with that. You need to WhatsApp us
      • Once you get the ARN, your GST registration will be just one step away and that is just obtaining the registration certificate for the authoritative body.
      • Almost within a week, the authoritative body, GSTIN will provide you with the certificate and you will be registered for GST in India successfully.

    Mandatory Documents

    for the Registration of Private Limited Company

    Required for GST Registration in India

    The resolution passed by the board of directors of the said company

    The bank details and KYC of the directors and their digital signatures

    The agreement signed among partners during the incorporation of the company

    For LLP, Bank details and KYC of all the partners are required

    For Individuals or Proprietorship, GST registration can be done through Aadhar OTP

    PAN Card is a must document that needs to be submitted for registration

    All the important and mandatory KYC documents must be present for registration


    Frequently Ask Questions

    Why GST Registration is Important for Businesses?

    As a business owner, you are liable to pay some tax to the Government of India. In the past, you had to pay multiple taxes which was a bit confusing. However, GST has unified those taxes and made it simple for you to pay. Therefore, you should get GST registration to avoid any legal actions from the government for non-payment of the tax.

    Are Different Documents Required for Different Businesses during Registration of GST?

    The GST registration for different companies will be different. Also, during the registration of your company, you had to submit multiple documents which are different and depending on the type of the company. That is why during the GST registration process, the documents you have to submit will be different and are mentioned above.

    What Documents need to be Submitted for the GST Registration of Private Limited Company?

    There are many documents that are needed to be submitted for the GST registration for a Private Limited Company. The PAN card of all the directors of the company is needed to be submitted. Also, the incorporation certificate of the company that the directors obtained during Private Limited registration needs to be submitted along with other documents mentioned above.

    What Documents are required to be Submitted for the GST Registration of Partnership Firms?

    There are many documents that are required for the registration of the GST registration for a partnership firm. First of all, the registration certificate of the partnership firm has to be provided along with the partnership agreement. Moreover, bank details and the KYC documents of the partners have to be submitted. The list of necessary documents, in this case, is given above.

    What Documents are Needed for the GST Registration of a One-Person Company?

    One of the best things about the GST registration of a One Person Company or Proprietorship or Individual is that the person will not have to submit multiple documents. He or she can get the registration even with the Aadhar card which will be based on the OTP.

    What are the Benefits of GST Registration for Companies?

    The GST registration for a company will bring multiple benefits to the companies. First of all, paying taxes for the company will become a lot easier. Also, you will not have to scratch your head to find your tax returns at the time of payment. Moreover, the GST registration will make running your business very easy.

    How can TaxOnTrack help me with GST Registration?

    TaxOnTrack is a place that will help you with the GST registration for your company from start to end. No matter what kind of company you have, we will make the entire process of GST registration a cakewalk for you. Moreover, TaxOnTrack has some of the best professionals who understand the complex process of GST registration very easily.

    How much TaxOnTrack will Charge for GST Registration in Delhi?

    The charges of TaxOnTrack for GST registration are based on the various packages we have which you can see on our website. You can rest assured the charges of TaxOnTrack for GST registration are very much affordable. We will never ever charge you extravagantly for the registration. Therefore, you will be able to avail of our packages easily and also affordably.

    How long will it take to have My GST Registration?

    The entire process of GST registration is very easy and it will be done quite swiftly through TaxOnTrack. Once we have the required documents from our clients, we will set out on the process of the GST registration. Moreover, once we complete all the steps and submit it to GSTIN for the registration certificate, you will have it in your hand soon. Basically, it will take around a week to get the registration done successfully.


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