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    TDS/TCS is a tax that the government deducts for the payment you receive or send. There are certain occasions where you will not have to pay TDS/TCS. Failing to pay or deduct TDS/TCS will incur penalties to the deductor and deductee. Therefore, you have to keep your record of TDS/TCS deduction and submit it to the tax department of the government.

    You should know that even a simple mistake could cost you a large amount of money. However, you don’t have to worry about that because TaxOnTrack is here to help you out in paying TDS/TCS in a holistic manner.
    We have got the personnel and the experience of helping various clients in paying taxes. We helped a lot of clients in paying their TDS/TCS and they are highly satisfied with our comprehensive attitude. Therefore, you can get ready to say goodbye to the worries of paying taxes because we have got your TaxOnTrack!


    of TDS/TCS Return

    The Process of TDS/TCS Return in Delhi, India

    • You can Track which you can do very easily as the process is quite easy.
    • An official of TaxOnTrack will contact you via a telephone call or WhatsApp to ask you about your details and all the things that are needed during the filing of a TDS/TCS return.
    • You can track your order on our portal and you will know at what stage your TDS/TCS return filing is and you will be able to consult with us accordingly.
    • TaxOnTrack has proficient specialists who will then work on the draft with the documents you provided to file the TDS/TCS return.
    • After your TDS/TCS return filing is completed, we will inform you and you will also be able to attain that information through the portal of TaxOnTrack.
    • At TaxOnTrack, we strive to provide speedy and efficient solutions to clients, and therefore, you can file the TDS/TCS returns through us in a very fast time.

    Cases Where TDS/TCS Return

    Is Not Applicable

    Payment to the UTI, LIC, and various other insurance and cooperative bodies

    Payment made to the financial corporations of the central and state governments

    Paying to any bank or receiving payment from any private or public bank

    Earning interest through various schemes such as KVP, NSC, or Indira Vikas Party

    Paying interests that come under the slap of Direct taxes of the country

    Earning interest through recurring or savings deposit through cooperative banks

    Receiving a refund from the income tax department for excess tax payment

    Sending or receiving payments to no-TDS institutions that are notified.


    Frequently Ask Questions

    Why should I take help of TaxOnTrack for TDS/TCS Return Filing?

    There is no doubt that TaxOnTrack is your ideal place to find help for your TDS/TCS return filing. We have got experienced and efficient professionals who are handling this intricate process of TDS/TCS return filing for so many years. Therefore, they will have a better idea as to how you can file TDS/TCS returns without bearing much of a hassle.

    How much TaxOnTrack will charge for my TDS/TCS Return Filing?

    The charges of TaxOnTrack are based on various packages which you will get to see on our website. You can rest assured the charges are very much affordable for you. Moreover, if you consider the consequences and penalties that you have to pay in case of defaulting, you will realize that our charge is very much reasonable and affordable for a taxpayer.

    How will TaxOnTrack help me with my TDS/TCS Return Filing?

    TaxOnTrack is a place where you find the best professionals to help you out with your TDS/TCS return filing. The entire process through which we will help you is already shown in the above sections of our website. You can go through them and understand the way we will help you. You can rest assured the process of TaxOnTrack is the simplest of all.

    What makes TaxOnTrack the Best Place for TDS/TCS Return Filing?

    Without any doubt, TaxOnTrack is the best place for you when it comes to finding help for TDS/TCS return filing. What makes us the best is our experienced and educated professionals who have extensive knowledge of taxation and are able to handle complex cases of our clients and help them holistically during the TDS/TCS return filing.

    Do I have to File TDS/TCS Returns Regularly?

    Yes, you need to go for TDS/TCS return filing regularly. If you fail to keep track of your TDS/TCS return filing, then it will be problematic for you to file a TDS/TCS return. That is why the best option for you would be to come to TaxOnTrack where our taxation specialists with their years of experience will make your TDS/TCS return filing a cakewalk.

    Should an Employee Pay the Penalty of Not Filing TDS/TCS Return?

    Absolutely not because the TDS/TCS return filing is all related to the employer or deducted. If the employer fails in TDS/TCS return filing, then proper actions will be taken against the employer. However, if you are an employee and receive a salary, then you don’t have to worry about it because TDS/TCS return filing has nothing to do with employees.

    What is the Consequence of Not Filing TDS/TCS Return?

    If a person fails in TDS/TCS return filing, then he or she will be liable to pay penalties for that. They have to pay a certain percentage of the TDS/TCS to return extra for not filing TDS/TCS return. Therefore, it is important that you go for the TDS/TCS return filing on a regular basis because you do not want to pay excess taxes for not filing TDS/TCS return.

    How to Find Out that an Amount has been Deducted as TDS/TCS?

    It is very much important to find out that during the payment of a certain amount, the TDS/TCS charges are being deducted from the total amount. The deductee will give you a TDS certificate which will be either Form 16 or 16A. Also, by taking a look at Form 26A, you can understand wonderfully whether TDS/TCS is deducted or not.

    Is TDS/TCS Return Filing only Applicable for the Payment of Salary?

    Not only through salary but there are also other instances where the amount will be deducted from your payment as TDS/TCS. If you are earning interest through FD or saving account or insurance commissions, or prizes won from any competition and multiple other sources. You can find the details in the Income Tax Act (Section 192-194L).

    What should be the Minimum Salary to be Applicable for TDS/TCS Return Filing?

    If the account of the salaried person comes under the slab of income tax payment, then TDS/TCS will get deducted from the salary. In this case, you have to find out whether your salary or income comes under the income tax slab or not according to your age. Therefore, the minimum salary will be determined as per the income tax slab of the Government.


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