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    GST was first implemented in India in a full-fledged way from the 1st of July. 2017. Since then, there are around 1.2Cr taxpayers who have come under the GSTIN. All of them now have to file GST returns periodically according to the specified time. Now, understanding GST can be an uphill task for many people who have lesser knowledge of taxation.

    If you are not an expert on taxation, then while filing GST returns, you can get a bit confused. You can make mistakes for which you might have to pay penalties as well. It is something that no one wants.
    So, if you are looking to file your GST return in an efficient way then come to us at TaxOnTrack. We can help you with the filing of GST returns with ease. By taking our help, you will be taking assistance from some of the best GST experts in the country who can guide you and help you with filing the GST returns with ease. You can rest assured when you take our help, you can sit back and relax as we take care of all the intricacies that you might have to follow while filing GST returns. You just have to provide us with the documents we will ask and afterward, you will be able to relax as we take care of your GST filing with prowess.


    of GST Return

    The Process of Filing GST Return in Delhi, India

    • You will have to place your order for the GST return filing through the website of TaxOnTrack which you will be able to do very easily as the process is quite simple.
    • A representative of TaxOnTrack will get in touch with you via phone call or WhatsApp to ask you about your details and everything that is required during the filing the GST return.
    • You will be able to track the order you have placed on our portal and you will know at what stage your GST filing is and you will be able to consult with us accordingly.
    • TaxOnTrack has efficient professionals who will then work on the draft of the details and documents you provided to file the GST return.
    • Once your GST return filing is completed, we will notify you and you will also be able to get that information from the portal of TaxOnTrack.
    • We, at TaxOnTrack, thrive to provide fast and efficient solutions to client orders, and therefore, you will be able to file the GST returns through us in a quick time.

    Mandatory Documents

    for the Registration of Private Limited Company

    Quarterly and monthly return of GST for turnover of lower than 1.5Cr

    For monthly taxpayers belonging to all the categories

    The quarterly return that needs to be filed for a composition scheme

    For the non-residents and non-residents who are providing OIDAR

    Monthly return filing for the Input service distributors

    TDS returns that come under GST on a monthly basis

    For e-commerce operators that are filing monthly returns

    GST returns on an annual basis for all


    Frequently Ask Questions

    What is GST Return?

    GST is Goods and Service Tax. GST return is the financial statement through which a person or a company understands the amount of money they owe to the government as tax for the purchase and sale of products and services. This GST return is calculated for a specific period of time in which the transactions are made by the company or the individual.

    What can I do If the E-Sign Fails to Work during the Filing of GST Returns?

    At times, due to some technical glitches, your e-signature may not be working properly during the filing of your GST return online. At that time, what you can do is get an OTP to your registered mobile number with the GST portal. After getting the OTP, you have to give proper PAN information in the portal and a DSC which will allow you to file the return.

    What is the Importance of Filing GST Returns Periodically?

    Every company wants to maintain transparency in its transaction of purchase and sale of goods and services. If they fail to maintain that and don’t give tax to the government, then the company faces legal actions which hamper the company’s dwellings. That is why filing GST returns periodically will help companies to pay taxes and maintain transparency.

    What happens If I get Late in Filing GST?

    You should not get late in filing GST returns and you should file them at the appropriate time. If you get late due to unfortunate circumstances, then you will have to pay the late penalty for that. Now, the Government of India has a fixed amount that they charge as the late penalty for GST returns. You will have to pay rupees 5000 as the late penalty for GST returns.

    Can TaxOnTrack Help Me in Filing GST?

    Yes, TaxOnTrack is your one-stop and finest destination when it comes to filing GST returns. We have some expert professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of GST and they can guide you step by step to ensure you file GST returns without much of a hassle. Moreover, they will help you in a way that the intricate process will become a cakewalk.

    Can RET-1 Form be Filled via SMS?

    Yes, RET-1 form can be filled in through SMS. However, you can do this under special circumstances. For example, you have not made any purchase or sale of any goods and services for a period of time. In such circumstances, you will have to file a nil return. Therefore, in that case, you can file GST returns through SMS.

    What is ANX-1A?

    ANX-1A is a form that is used to make amendments to the information and details provided in the ANX-1 form for the early period of time. Suppose, you have to make any changes to the details you provided in the GST portal. So, in that case, you have to make sure that you are filling the ANX-1A form to update any information that you want to.

    Do I have to Type the OTP at Each Stage of Filing GST Return?

    Yes, in order to file GST returns, you have to generate OTP through your registered mobile number through the GST portal at every stage. You have to keep in mind that the OTP will be valid for 10 minutes only. However, if you are using any GST filing software, it will authenticate OTP through which you can enjoy uninterrupted operation for 6 to 12 hours.

    Does an E-commerce Seller Need to File GST Return?

    Yes, the e-commerce seller that allows other sellers to use the e-commerce platform to sell goods and services, that e-commerce seller has to file GSTR-8. However, the GSTR-8 is not applicable for the e-commerce sellers selling their own products and services through their own platform. The filing of GSTR-8 has to be completed within the 10th of every month.

    Will I be Able to Edit Data Once I File My GST Return?

    Yes, you are allowed to make a correction or modify the return data of your GST return file. You have the legal rights to do that. The amendment to the return file of GST can be made through either an amendment form or under the section for the amendment which you will find while filing the GST return for the next month’s transactions that you have made.


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