Online PF Registration

    Online PF Registration in Delhi, India

    Employees Provident Fund is a secure investment scheme that procures ample funds for individuals to support them in their post-retirement life. This scheme is mandatory for any organization if their existing employees are more than 20. In this scheme, an employer deducts a certain amount from their employees’ salary and deposit it in their EPF account. When an employee retires, this money gets transferred to them. If you are not registered to EPF, then you are missing out. Get your online PF registration at TaxOnTrack now.

    This scheme was rolled out in 1952 under the Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act. It is run by runs and regulations of the Employee Provident Fund Organization. In this process, the organizations deduct a certain amount of funds from the employer’s salary and then deposit it into the EPF account. To be specific, is deducted fund is a 12% of basic remuneration of the employers which get mature with time and withdrawal anytime during post-retirement. The employers under the provident scheme would receive a fixed interest on the deductible amount based on the provisions under EPFO. One of the best things about this scheme is that it doesn’t attract any tax liability whatsoever.

    EPF is an excellent way of saving money for a demanding situation and future. The scheme also renders the insurance cover to the employee from EDLI. The employee does not need to serve any liabilities to avail such protection. This would result in higher returns as the interest rate is likely to crank up with time. Hence, investment in provident funds is not a costly affair
    as it would empower the individuals to reap monetary benefits in their demanding phase of life. Feel free to have a conversation with our expert just in case if you want to avail the benefits of PF online Registration.

    Benefits of Online PF Registration

    Online PF Registration in Delhi, India has Tax Benefits

    The interest rate earned on the EPF account is eligible for tax exemption. This relaxation is provided under Section 80C of the income tax act. Also, even multiple transactions from the EPF account would not lure any taxes for five years unless the employee voluntarily opts to resign from the job or terminate his/her tenure. Any contribution towards the EPF account doesn’t attract any tax liabilities.

    Pension Coverage

    Apart from the employee’s 12% contribution in the EPF account, an equal amount is contributed by the employer. Therefore, it saves a robust pension and leaves you with an ample amount after retirement.

    Single EPF Account

    In case you change job, then your EPF account can be transferred. With the help of Universal Account Number (UAN) linked to the Aadhar will facilitate this transfer. Now, your PF account will be carried forward by the new employer. It makes sure the return is uniform over the years.

    Hassle-Free Pension for Post-Retirement

    Procuring funds at the age of 50 or 60s can be difficult. Thanks to PF registration, you can ensure a lifelong pension under this scheme. Although EPF doesn’t have any short-term benefits, it will ensure that you will get the money when you need it in the long term. The constant accumulation of funds in the EPF account would prepare the individuals for their next phase of life after retirement. The advantages of EPF Registration are countless.

    Emergency Funds

    The financial crisis emergencies can happen to anyone at any point in time that can squeeze out your savings. Thanks to the EPF registration in Delhi, India, your PF can act as an alternative source of funds to cater to the financial crisis. Whether you need to pay for an urgent medical bill or cater to education expenses, your PF account is your saviour in the demanding situation.

    Easy Check of EPF Balance

    With Universal Account Number (UAN) at the disposal, the employees can easily access their PF account through the online portal of the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This would let them coordinate their EPF account with different employees during their service life. If your UAN is linked to your bank’s account, PAN card or Aadhar number, then you can easily get the PF balance report.

    Risk Coverage

    The service class individuals always had a tough time procuring funds during emergencies. To cater to expenditures like weddings and education, medical, demise, etc., employers can withdraw up to 50 per cent contributions from their PF account. However, such benefits cannot be availed more than three times, and it is available to those who served at least seven years of service life as an employer under the Provident Fund Act.

    Process of PF Registration for Employers

    An employer can either register online or offline. But nowadays, online is the most preferred mode of registration. Here is the PF registration procedure.

    • Organization information – Name and address of the company, incorporation /
      registration details, Head office and branch details, type of establishment.
    • Details of employees – total employee strength, email, contact information
    • Legal details – This relates to legal status of a company, i.e. whether it is a private firm/public company, partnership or society, etc.
    • Employers details – designation and address of Directors and partners
    • PAN details
    • Details of bank – Account number and address.
    • Basic details of employees – name, date of joining, salary, etc

    Documents Required for EPF Registration Online

    Following are mandatory documents necessary for provident fund registration

    • Digital Signature of any Partner or Director
    • PAN Card of Partner or Director
    • Aadhar Card of any Partner or Director
    • Cancelled Cheque for authentication of Bank
    • Address proof (Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill of the Registered Office)
    • PAN Card of entity
    • Registration proof (establishment Certificate or GST Certificate issued by the government.

    Why Choose TaxOnTrack Solutions?

    Our team of experts will be your consultants for PF online registration and help to get your PF number within 5 to 10 business days (as soon as possible). Our first consultation will be free, and you will get to know more about our team and the PF process in detail. Our team is experienced and well-trained in the PF registration process will ensure that your PF application is submitted on time for the organization in the given format. Our rates and very affordable, and TaxOnTrack always thrive to provide the best services to our customers. In case you need any help with the PF and ESI registration, then don’t forget to contact us for more details.

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